Muppane Nature Camp on 28th Feb 2015_Trekking and Swatcha Bharath

Who: Myself and Anand Kotteswar….


When: 28th Feb and 1st March 2015

Place: Muppane Nature Camp

14°06’40.0″N 74°47’24.0″E,74.7895636,278m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

Route: Mysore—Arasikere—Shivmogga—Sagar—Talguppa—Kargal—Muppane Nature Camp

I got email from Sampath that he planned one Trek cum Swatcha Bharath program in his Muppane Nature camp, I was over exited and booked this program…

I had hard time convincing my wife.. finally she agreed.. since my FIL had fever.. she didn’t go to her Mom’s place.. instead my SIL came and stayed in our home…

Anand was in town for his vocation, So I invited him also.. he agreed and we both planned to travel in Train till Arasikere then join Sampth’s team

Friday night: Feb 27th: I took train tickets and packed all my luggage.. I went to Anand’s place around 9 and he was having dinner @ that time.. then we both went in his Activa to Railway station.. our train was around 10:30 Darwad express.. we boarded the train in General compartment, we didn’t sleep and had nice conversation, we reached Arasikere around 1:30 AM, Sampth and team came around the same time and we boarded TT…

Saturday Feb 28th: We reached Muppane around 6:30 AM, it was very chilling and misty morning… since the gate was not opened, we took walk.. mean time I talked to fellow travelers


We reached camp, it was shocking for me to see well equipped Toilets!!.. we got freshen up and had nice break fast.. I had only 3 Idli and Masala vada..

Later I came to know that plan is changed … we will go for trek today and tomorrow in the camp…

We had two families.. one Putgowri and her cousins..

We all started towards Trek to Vasagitti falls!! (VG Falls), we started walking in the road and it was down trek towards first water falls.. so many people fell down while going as it was very slow and slippery, even I fell down..

We reached first water falls, after reaching there I realized that I had visited that falls long before around 5-6 years back!!


Many people started getting into water.. we did not go as there was one good water falls @ the end of the trek

After some time we left that spot and started walking to the next water falls (VG-2)

It was already very late and path was very difficult.. we had to walk next to water streams, most of the places were slippery .. I fell down again this time hurting my head!! Luckly nothing happened…after me some 3 more people fell down on the same spot!!, then I removed my costly shoes and started walking only in bare foot..!!


It was only me and Anand in the trek, there was one group left in front of us and one way back .. it was lengthy walk and we reached spot around 4 PM!! I was very hungry and had lunch without waiting for Anand.. He reached late, by the time lunch was over!! I was very upset that he didn’t get any food…

Then we got into water streams.. it was dam cold… freezing… it was very nice experience. Then I went to one more falls, there it was like natural swimming pool… I really enjoyed swimming over there..


After we got ready.. we started trekking upwards.. again it was long trek.. !!

Finally we reached assembling point… every one were waiting for us..!! it was relief…. There we saw Malabar pied Hornbill!! (My first Sighting)

We reached base point around 7 PM, it was already dark.. some forest officers were waiting for us, as we did not take permission.. finally Sampath had to give some money and adjust..

We had nice Kashaya and bajji snacks.. later we had nice dinner.. and took rest..

We had to come back to Nature camp for sleeping…

We reached around 11 PM and started pitching tents..

Myself and Anand got into one tent and had nice sleep… everything was first experience for him..


Sunday March 1st :


I woke up early morning and got freshen up… I saw wonderful Rainbow on the back water.. and again spotted HB!!

We packed all our tents and started Swatch Bharath… as a warm up before breakfast getting ready..

We had Poori and avalakki as breakfast .. Sampth later brifed us on cleaning activities..

Everyone took one gunny bags and started collecting plastic and bottles…we collected more than 10 bags full of bottles


Later we went towards backwater for water sporting..

We all got life jackets and started entering to water.. it was nice experience.. feeling floating in the mid of water…

We enjoyed a lot.. I gave my life jacket to others as they didn’t know swimming..

It started raining and we came to base point for lunch!!

We had nice lunch and I took some rest…

Later forest RFO Shrikanth Naik, naturalist Imran Patel briefed us about nature and forest crime.. we had very nice discussion on various factors..

We took group photos and left that camp…On the way we visited Sampath’s one more Camp which was still under construction..

It was very good place for hangout..


By Sampth:

By Me:

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