Coorg escapade Trip_June 25th and 26th 2016

Dudes: Me, Amar, Lakshmithanth, Annanya +150 Other bullets….

When: June 25th and 26th 2016


Its been long time since Me and Amar where planning for Bullet ride, and we come to know about this Coorg Escapade which is Organized by Royal Enfield !!!

Myself and Amar planned for this ride and paid online for Bring Your Own Tent (BYOT) which is around 1600/- Per head which includes Complementary T shirt of Escapade..!

I asked Lakshmikanth sir about this trip, he readily agreed and also registered his friend Madhusudhan for this ride..but unfortunately Madhusudhan did not come so he arranged his friend Ananaya

Since its monsoon season and will be raining like hell in Coorg, Me and Amar decided to visit Decathlon to buy some Rain gears …

We bought Rain Jackets, Pants, Sleeping bag etc… and prepared for our trip…

I borrowed one tent from Rudresh and Amar was having one tent in his home..

As a practice I arranged tent in home and my daughter enjoyed a lot playing with tent..:-)

Day-1: Rajesh who is coordinator for this ride from Mysore, asked us to come by 12 PM to his showroom, then he called me and asked me to come there by 11 only as all other bikers came there from B’lore

I called Amar and Lakshmikanth sir and asked to come to show room early…

Myself and Amar had lot of luggage  , 2 tents, 2 sleeping bags, 2 duffel  bags so we were waiting for our friends to arrive and put all our luggage in their bike…

We assembled at Showroom and arranged all our luggage, we met lots of people and bikes… it was good to see so any bullets modified…

We started our ride from showroom around 12 PM and our next stop was Hunsur for Lunch.




The route that we followed was:




We stopped in Hunsur for Lunch and had nice home cooked meals behind showroom



Amar took Lakshmikanth’s bike as he was feeling cold, after lunch we left towards Resort…


We gave small T break in Virajpet and then reached resort. The road from Main road t resort is very Kaccha road and it was very difficult to ride in that road.. so many bikes fell down also…


We reached resort and had nice hot coffee… also registered our names and took our T shirts..

Lakshimikanth’s sir did pitch report and selected one good location from our tents…

First we opened Rudresh’s rent which is Quechua 2XL tent… it was new one and we had no issues while pitching tent…

Then we struggled a lot putting Amar’s tent, Thomas also helped us on this…its bit old style and had only one layer. Which is bad for rainy season

After that there was some talk going on from Manigandan Manunathan who had Guinness record holder for ‘Longest Journey by Motorcycle in Single Country’


Then we prepared booz and Smoke and had nice time talking with all

They started DJ and camp fire.. and myself and Amar danced like hell… enjoyed a lot..

We had nice Coorg style dinner and spent some more time with all bikers.


We slept around 11 PM and I started snoring and disturbing others..


Morning there was some off roaddding ride, there was 2 levels Advance and Intermediate … Myself and Amar registered for Intermediate one..

We woke up by 6:30 AM and got freshen …


Lakshimikanth and his friend had to leave early as they had some work. So they left early..

Myself and Amar got ready for ride and we went for Intermediate one…it was nice ride but I felt it was short ride.. we could have rode for some more..

Advance level photo…


After that Break fast was prepared… we had nice poori and chicken Curry J

We were waiting for some other bikers who is coming to we had so many luggage and our friends left early…

Rajesh was very kind and put many of our luggage in his bike and his friend bike… and we all set to leave Resort…



We Reached Hunsur around 2 PM and had nice lunch in Halli mane…

We reached showroom round 4 PM and said good bye to everyone….

It was short but nice trip overall


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