Weekend with Infy Manager cum Former cum CloseFriend Babu!

When: 3rd Sept 2016

Who: Me, Amar Mia, Lokesh SP

Where: Babu’s Form near Melukote, Mandya District 

We were planning to visit our close friend Babu’s Form land quite from long time, Finally we decided to visit his form on 3rd Sept Saturday and we called Babu and informed the same to him.. He was very happy that we are visiting his native place and asked us to come without fail, he gave some tourist attractions places around his native and also sent us Detail Road map to reach his place but Unfortunately we got that road map after we reached his Place !!


We decided to leave Mysore early morning and have break fast at our favorite hotel in Mandya, Muneer Hotel… We had nice non veg food there..


We took below Route to reach Babu’s Native which is around 106 KM…


Mysore to Kambadahalli


After break fast we started towards Nagamangla and then to Kambadahalli, There was one Small Hanumantha betta, we decided to climb that.. we parked our vehicle at foot steps and started climbing.. It was very steep.. SP and Amar were fit enough to climb it fast but I was lagging a lot..

We reached top, weather was superb.. temple is like inside cave..

Hanuman temple on top of hill



Amar Mia
SP’s Profile Pic



It was around 11 AM and Hanuman temple was not yet opened, so we came down and decided to go Jain temple which is in opposite hill, We thought there was road till top, but it was under construction, so we parked our vehicle and climbed top

Climbing up..


Temple still under construction on top of hill


Arial View


After this we rode on tank bound road, that lake was completely dry!! Then SP landed directly to his Uncles house… which is next to that lake.. We had coffee in their house and left towards babu’s house.. We asked some people there and exactly went to babu’s house.. Then came to know that Babu and his family is still on the way.. we reached before them and Welcomed babu…

Babu came with his good old Logan.. we met their family and they treated us well..they were happy that we visited their house..

Babu wanted to show his forming skills so he took us around his form, we were thirsty and wanted to have nice fresh Tender coconut, Babu promised us that he will give us good tender coconut …

Nice greeting by Babu..
So called CloseFriends!!!
Babu trying his best !!
Amar Mia showing his Gym skills

After plucking more than 10 coconuts, we came to know that those were not good ones.. there was no water only.. SP was teasing Babu like anything… Still he has to develop his forming skills and knowledge..

We came back and our meal goat was waiting for us!! Loki tried to console that

Loki taking care of his meal!!

Babu gave us Copra (Kobbari) with Jaggery which is ideal to thirsty throat!!

Then he gave nice tour of his form land, it was really nice walking on form, breathing fresh air..


Later we found one good tree which had very nice tender coconut, and we plucked it and had there only.. It was the freshest and coolest tender coconut which i had..Superb it was.. Finally we were all satisfied…

SP chopping and Having all!!
Babu First gave to us then at last he had!!


We were walking through his form and Babu had new pump set installed in his form..

My self and Amar Drank water in that the other day and it was sweet water..

New bore well…

We also had Fresh Tamato directly plucked from plant…!! Super fresh taste..


Babu giving us Fresh Tamatos..

After that we walked back to home..we all got freshen up in Indian style toilets.. our Amar mia was little hesitant to use it at the beginning.. later there was no choice for him.. he had to use it..:-)

Nice meal was waiting for us.. Babu Family served us generously…

Then Babu took us to nearby small hill.. where we can have entire view of village and forms.. Fresh air was passing through us.. Babu’s daughter also accompanied us this time..



Explaining her dad!!
Babu’s cute daughter



Finally All together in on photo..!! We remembered our good old KP trek a lot at this movement

We left Babu’s native with good memories… Reached back Mysore around 8 PM  through Melukote route..

Irakanagatta –>Melukote–>Pandavapura–>Srirangapatna–>Mysore

Irakanagatta to Mysore





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