Tigress of Kabini

Saw these beautiful Tigress sitting next to lake and drinking water in Nagarahole Forest.. Lucky to spot this…picsart_10-22-07-12-34picsart_10-22-07-20-32picsart_10-22-07-21-23


Mangalore Masti

Dudes: Me and Vijendra..

Date: 24th and 25th Sept 2016

Its been more than 2 years since I met Vijendra and went out for any trip with him… So this time we planned to visit our regular place which is Malnad..

Vijendra came up with different plans and itinerary details.. Finally we decided below route and plan..

Mysore–>Srirangapatna–>Pandavapura–>Nagamangla–>Bellur Cross–>Channarayapattana–>Hassan–>Belur–>Mudigere–>Kottigehara (Went towards Charmadi Ghat and came back)–>Kalsa–>Kudremukha–>Lakya Dam–>Karkala–>Moodbidri–>Mangalore. (Around 400 KM)

Mysore to Mangalore Via Kudremukha


Friday evening (23rd Sept 2016) I left Mysore in Bus and joined him in Nagamangala.. He picked me in Nagamangala bus stop and we packed some snacks and headed towards Hassan.. The road was super.. it was toll road and very well maintained..

We reached Hassan and checked into Southern Star hotel around 8 PM..we got freshen up and boozed in hotel only.. After that we enquired about some good Non veg hotel.. they adviced Miltry Hotel Mamtha .. on the way we stopped in fish stall and had  Crab, some small fish and one big one Madubala fish..

After that we had nice dinner in Mamtha miltry hotel.. there were more than 5 miltry hotels nearby..

We came back and slept nicely..

Saturday morning we woke up early around 4 AM and talked so many things… we tried to sleep but couldn’t and got ready early.. We had complementary breakfast in hotel itself and checked out from hotel…

Zoom Burst photo…

We stopped in Kottigehara and took deviation towards Charmudi Ghats just to see that ghat in this beautiful weather..It was like haven on earth…

Wind Turbines on the way..
Charmadi Ghat !!

then we came back to Kottigehara and went towards Kudremukh. the road was super and not so much traffic in this route..

First we reached Kalasa and visited Kalsheshwaraswamy temple.. bought some herbal medicine which cures head ache and cold in seconds.. yet to try that!!

We reached Kudremukh, It was very bad to see this kind of deserted city.. hardly anyone leave there now.. once it was very nice city with all the amenities

We visited Lakya Dam, It was constructed in 1994 by Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Mainly to To collect silt and other waste materials deposited by the mining companies in and around Kudremukh and provide water supply for drinking and irrigation of agricultural land. Now this dam is completely dry and they are growing Silver trees on top of waster materials

Plantation on Lakya Dam

They have stopped vehicle entry to this dam, so we parked our car and went by walk.. on the way we plucked Gua fruits and had nicely.. Rain was on and off frequently.. we got drenched in water also..

After that it was getting late and we came down from Kudremukh, it was super road and literally no traffic!!

Unnamed water falls on the way from Kudremukh..

We decided to pay visit to Moodbidri and meet our cousins who is studying in Alvas education trust, the hostel campus itself was very big and it was difficult finding our cousins there.. Finally we met them and they were also very surprised and happy that we met them..

Then we left towards Mangalore and checked into Hotel Poonja International.. It was very old hotel but good one..

We heard lot about Mangalore night life and we wanted to visit some pubs over there..

First we went to ReTox lounge bar, It was very crowded and bouncers were not allowing us to get in!!! he asked us to come after some time.. so we went to The Liquid Lounge, this pub was also nice and luckily we got seats… we had nice party over there and went towards ReTox lounge bar, again that bouncer were not allowing us saying its closing time bla bla.. but some how we got inside.. it was very good place with loud music and dance floor …@ 11 PM they stopped music and we came outside and had nice Mangalore Fish food…we reached hotel and slept nicely…

Sunday morning we woke up late and had complementary break fast in hotel itself.. Then we went to Pamanbur beach.. It was nice clean beach.. they were not allowing people to get into water as it was dangerous..we spent nice time over there and I rode speed bike also.. which was fun..

Me in New look!!


After this we came back hotel and got fresh.. checkout hotel.. We again had Fish curry meals/Angel fish/Bangda fish…

Then we decided to cut shot trip and come back to Mysore..

We took below route to reach Mysore.. Driving in Shiradi Ghat was super experience… at starting the road was not good.. after some distance we will get nice Cement road.. The view was excellent… that too river flowing next to road..

Super Driving on a rainy day


Mangalore–>Bantwal–>Uppinangadi–>Shiradi Ghat–>Sakleshpur–>Hassan–>Channarayapattana–>Bellur Cross–>Nagamangla–> Pandavapura –>Srirangapatna—> Mysore

(Around 343 KM)
Mangalore to Mysore Via Shiradi Ghat


Weekend with Infy Manager cum Former cum CloseFriend Babu!

When: 3rd Sept 2016

Who: Me, Amar Mia, Lokesh SP

Where: Babu’s Form near Melukote, Mandya District 

We were planning to visit our close friend Babu’s Form land quite from long time, Finally we decided to visit his form on 3rd Sept Saturday and we called Babu and informed the same to him.. He was very happy that we are visiting his native place and asked us to come without fail, he gave some tourist attractions places around his native and also sent us Detail Road map to reach his place but Unfortunately we got that road map after we reached his Place !!


We decided to leave Mysore early morning and have break fast at our favorite hotel in Mandya, Muneer Hotel… We had nice non veg food there..


We took below Route to reach Babu’s Native which is around 106 KM…


Mysore to Kambadahalli


After break fast we started towards Nagamangla and then to Kambadahalli, There was one Small Hanumantha betta, we decided to climb that.. we parked our vehicle at foot steps and started climbing.. It was very steep.. SP and Amar were fit enough to climb it fast but I was lagging a lot..

We reached top, weather was superb.. temple is like inside cave..

Hanuman temple on top of hill



Amar Mia
SP’s Profile Pic



It was around 11 AM and Hanuman temple was not yet opened, so we came down and decided to go Jain temple which is in opposite hill, We thought there was road till top, but it was under construction, so we parked our vehicle and climbed top

Climbing up..


Temple still under construction on top of hill


Arial View


After this we rode on tank bound road, that lake was completely dry!! Then SP landed directly to his Uncles house… which is next to that lake.. We had coffee in their house and left towards babu’s house.. We asked some people there and exactly went to babu’s house.. Then came to know that Babu and his family is still on the way.. we reached before them and Welcomed babu…

Babu came with his good old Logan.. we met their family and they treated us well..they were happy that we visited their house..

Babu wanted to show his forming skills so he took us around his form, we were thirsty and wanted to have nice fresh Tender coconut, Babu promised us that he will give us good tender coconut …

Nice greeting by Babu..
So called CloseFriends!!!
Babu trying his best !!
Amar Mia showing his Gym skills

After plucking more than 10 coconuts, we came to know that those were not good ones.. there was no water only.. SP was teasing Babu like anything… Still he has to develop his forming skills and knowledge..

We came back and our meal goat was waiting for us!! Loki tried to console that

Loki taking care of his meal!!

Babu gave us Copra (Kobbari) with Jaggery which is ideal to thirsty throat!!

Then he gave nice tour of his form land, it was really nice walking on form, breathing fresh air..


Later we found one good tree which had very nice tender coconut, and we plucked it and had there only.. It was the freshest and coolest tender coconut which i had..Superb it was.. Finally we were all satisfied…

SP chopping and Having all!!
Babu First gave to us then at last he had!!


We were walking through his form and Babu had new pump set installed in his form..

My self and Amar Drank water in that the other day and it was sweet water..

New bore well…

We also had Fresh Tamato directly plucked from plant…!! Super fresh taste..


Babu giving us Fresh Tamatos..

After that we walked back to home..we all got freshen up in Indian style toilets.. our Amar mia was little hesitant to use it at the beginning.. later there was no choice for him.. he had to use it..:-)

Nice meal was waiting for us.. Babu Family served us generously…

Then Babu took us to nearby small hill.. where we can have entire view of village and forms.. Fresh air was passing through us.. Babu’s daughter also accompanied us this time..



Explaining her dad!!
Babu’s cute daughter



Finally All together in on photo..!! We remembered our good old KP trek a lot at this movement

We left Babu’s native with good memories… Reached back Mysore around 8 PM  through Melukote route..

Irakanagatta –>Melukote–>Pandavapura–>Srirangapatna–>Mysore

Irakanagatta to Mysore





Bekal Fort Ride..

When: 6th and 7th Aug 2016

Who: Me, Minaj, Amar Mia, Lokesh SP

Where: Bekal Fort and Beach!! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bekal_Fort)

Amar and Me were planning for long ride quite a some time.. and we decided to take a break and go towards nearest beach and relax.. We called SP and Minaj they also agreed for this..

As it was monsoon season and its raining heavily, we decided to visit Dechthlon store and buy some rain coats.. we all met there and played TT, then bought Rain jackets and rain covers for bags.. I bought water proof pouch for my mobile.. lessons learn from previous mistake!!

It was already late for dinner and we visited some hotel in Mandi mohalla and had nice Parota, biryani and Kalmi.. then our favorite Badam lassi!!

We went home and packet all our things for trip, we carried only minimal items as there was no place for keeping our luggage for bikes..


We woke up around 4:30 and called every one and met at SP’s home, we left Mysore around 5:30 AM!!

The route which we took was

Mysore–>Kushalnagar–>Madikeri–>Sulia–>Bekal Fort


We stopped in Kushalnagar for T and decided to visit Chiklihole dam near by.. its on the way to Dubare elephant camp, we need to take deviation towards right and travel around 5 KM, then you will reach this dam, its very beautiful dam, you can ride on top of the dam there was no security.. This dam will be good when there is overflow of water.. but unluckly when we visited there was not much water..







SP Taking ride
Me with Full Riding gears except for Riding Boots..! Cramster Y2K jacket, RE riding trousers

We were feeling hungry and left that dam soon… we reached Madikeri for breakfast..

We had awesome break fast in Madikeri hotel called Hotel Green land, which is located in madikeri-Mangalore highway..its good place for Non veg lovers..



It started raining heavily and we were all suited in rain gears.. on the way we stopped for some photos..

SP and Minaj, Decathlon dudes!!

We also stopped in one small water falls on the way…


It was raining all the way but was nice ride as we were all prepared.. On the way we help some guys to get into Bus by stopping it!! poor fellows were chasing bus in Auto!! we saw there were struggling to stop the bus.. so we overtook that bus ask singled him to stop.. happy that we could do some help…

while riding we saw one nice hanging bridge constructed over river.. we decided to pay a visit..


actually this hanging bridge connects two villages to main road and this is the only only commuting way for them.. we can ride on this bridge also.. but we don’t want to take risk in unknown place..

We reached Sullia and stopped for Tea break.. had some snacks which we dont know the name.. yeah we like to explore local cuisines..

We headed towards Kasaragod..before Kasargod we have deviation to Bekal fort, guess its Cherkala town.., we stopped there and asked about any good hotels..

We had lunch in Hotel Volga.. we met couple of riders who were traveling from Mangalore to Kochi..

After that lunch we headed stright to Bekal Fort.. We reached there around 3:30 PM, and every one wanted to visit Fort then only.. but It was very difficult for me to walk with all those riding gears.. I wanted to book one hotel and get rid of all the gears.. so we asked one tea shop about any good hotels.. he suggested one hotel which is very near to Bekal fort.. We search that hotel and took that hotel..it is  MUH Beach Resort which is next to Bekal Fort, we need to take road below the flyover to reach this hotel..My review is this is good hotel for bachelors.. not so good and suitable for families..

They charged around 2000 for 4 people.. rooms were Ok but best part is.. it had AC!!



We all checked in to hotel and got freshen up.. then we left to see Fort since closing time is 5:30 PM..

Entrance Fees was around 30 Rs, we were glad that we went to see at evening as weather was nice.. not sunny.. I still remember when we visited this fort with all excel soft friends around 10 years back..!! We had some nice photo session on Fort like Dil Chahta Hai style..


We walked to the other end of Fort near Shore and climbed on top of Fort.. It was very chilling weather.. Best time to visit





There was one guy who was announcing that, Fort Gate will be closed by 5:30 pm sharp and he wont open again.. So we all go inside… But still there were people outside and he closed the gates.. dont know how they will come out..

Then we came out and reached Bekal Beach park to watch Sunset.. But due to cloudy weather we couldn’t get chance to see Sun set..


Then we decided to Buy Snacks, Food for Party.. We went to Bekal Junction and bought food, and came back to room for Party….I had got Bluetooth speaker and played Party songs loud..

We partied and had nice dinner.. we wanted to hit beach at night and relax.. but it started raining heavily.. so we dropped the plan..

As usual SP was busy in Calls and Chat with Unknown !!!


I woke up early around 4:30 in Shock!! I was sleeping in seperate room, I had one blanket with me when I slept.. but around 4:30 when I wanted to use that blanket.. Shockingly it was NOT there.. so many thoughts came in mind that some devil would have come and took it because all were sleeping in separate room.. after this shock I did not get sleep only.. so I went and woke up everyone.. then came to know that Amar Mia took my Blanket because someone took his blanket!! 🙂

Our room was very near to beach and we decided to go there and play in beach..

As soon as we entered the beach, we were welcomed by Land mines.. !! (Shit!!) Local there dont have any sence and they shit in the sea shore only.. it was very unplesent so we decided to walk further and not to get in to water…

We walked in beach for long distance and found one good place where beach was clean.. So I decided to jump into water.. others were not ready… I was having fun.. then slowley Amar.. then Minaz.. Then finally SP came into water.. We had nice time where waves were hitting our back.. some times waves were more than 10 feet!!

after this we came back to room and one by one all started to have fresh water bath and get ready with packing..

Around 9:30 AM we checked out from hotel and went to bekal junction for having breakfast..

We had nice Dosa, Parota chicken…then we planned route back to Mysore.. We decided to take different route than we came… so decided to go through Talacavery ..


This route road was not so good but very scenic.. we had to pass through Talacavery wild life forest..



We go many small water falls on the way too…




We removed helmets only for photos.. always ware helmets!!

We reached Talacavery and went towards the temple.. It was very nice 8 KM ride.. roads were fully covered by Fog..

Time was around 3 PM!!

We came back to same hotel in Madikeri for Lunch.. it was very late around 4:30 PM…

After lunch we reached Mysore around 8:30 PM…. Once again it was very memorable trip !!!

Overall cost for this trip came around 2200/- only including All 3 times Non veg food, Accommodation in AC hotel and Petrol..!!


Shettihalli Church Ride on 9th July 2016


Dudes: Me, Amar and SP

Bikes: Bullet Std 350, Yamaha FZ

 Route: Mysore-KR Nagara-Holenarasipur-Towards Hassan-Take Left in Mosale Hosahalli –Shettihalli Church

I made last minute ride plan to Shetiihalli Church on Friday and Amar and SP joined me with Joy..

Saturday we plan to ride early but SP has to drop his family to railway station, so we waited for him till 11:30 AM.. Finally we all left Mysore around 12 PM.

The ride was superb..Nice weather and it was drizzling some places..

First we stopped at Holenasipur for food and Booz. we packed Biryani rice, Egg and Chiken Kabab from local shop, and got KF Strong Beer..

We inquired about route to Shettihalli, and people gave correct information about going through Gorur.. but our SP did not listen to them.. He belived in his mobile map… and we took local country road.. it was nice ride in gong through villages and all..


Since it was raining we couldn’t refer mobile map frequently and we took one wrong turn!!!

There was no road at all… it was fully covered with Mud… I was reluctant to go in that road but SP forced me to take that road only… but I have to say getting lost was best part of trip..

We had nice off-road experience in that scenic road..

At some point we stopped to verify our map.. and came to know we are in wrong place where there is no road in Map..!!

SP was feeling hungry.. and he wanted to have food there only.. but we convinced him to go Church….

Finally we reached our destination… it was superb view from long distance only..






As soon as we reached SP started opening parcel and eating… since we had to Booz.. we went to some place near water and had…

Some couple asked for my Bike and Helmet and parked it in front of church gate and they had endless photo session.. Lucky Bike…!!

I dont have pic of these babes on my bike.. but captured this candid photo…!


After our food, we also had nice photo session with bikes.. and had nice time…

During photo session I lost my Oakley sun glasses and luckily Amar found it between some grass..

Finally we left that place and this time took road which people said not mobile says!!

We reached Gorur and took deviation to the Gorur Dam which is built on ‘Hemavathi river

This dam was build before I was born, on 1979, its around 58 Mts height (20 Mts Higher than KRS!!)


After that we stopped to have Jack fruit and then for Tea..



We reached Mysore around 7:30 PM..


It was one more awesome ride with close friends SP and Amar Mia…

My Photography

Rocket Tailed Drango
Shot at Zoom Brust Mode
Can you love symbol behind Gandhiji Statue!! Chenni..
U scratch my back..I will yours!!


Irpu Falls, Coorg

IMG_8759IMG_8736Sand Sculpture.. IMG_8441-001

Malbar Gain Squirell jumping from one tree to another
Sharavathi Back Waters!
Sharavathi Back Waters!

Captured this beautiful photos after the rain fall..@ Madikeri..


Coorg escapade Trip_June 25th and 26th 2016

Dudes: Me, Amar, Lakshmithanth, Annanya +150 Other bullets….

When: June 25th and 26th 2016

Where: http://www.junglemountadventures.com/

Its been long time since Me and Amar where planning for Bullet ride, and we come to know about this Coorg Escapade which is Organized by Royal Enfield !!! http://royalenfield.com/escapade/coorg/

Myself and Amar planned for this ride and paid online for Bring Your Own Tent (BYOT) which is around 1600/- Per head which includes Complementary T shirt of Escapade..!

I asked Lakshmikanth sir about this trip, he readily agreed and also registered his friend Madhusudhan for this ride..but unfortunately Madhusudhan did not come so he arranged his friend Ananaya

Since its monsoon season and will be raining like hell in Coorg, Me and Amar decided to visit Decathlon to buy some Rain gears …

We bought Rain Jackets, Pants, Sleeping bag etc… and prepared for our trip…

I borrowed one tent from Rudresh and Amar was having one tent in his home..

As a practice I arranged tent in home and my daughter enjoyed a lot playing with tent..:-)

Day-1: Rajesh who is coordinator for this ride from Mysore, asked us to come by 12 PM to his showroom, then he called me and asked me to come there by 11 only as all other bikers came there from B’lore

I called Amar and Lakshmikanth sir and asked to come to show room early…

Myself and Amar had lot of luggage  , 2 tents, 2 sleeping bags, 2 duffel  bags so we were waiting for our friends to arrive and put all our luggage in their bike…

We assembled at Showroom and arranged all our luggage, we met lots of people and bikes… it was good to see so any bullets modified…

We started our ride from showroom around 12 PM and our next stop was Hunsur for Lunch.




The route that we followed was:




We stopped in Hunsur for Lunch and had nice home cooked meals behind showroom



Amar took Lakshmikanth’s bike as he was feeling cold, after lunch we left towards Resort…


We gave small T break in Virajpet and then reached resort. The road from Main road t resort is very Kaccha road and it was very difficult to ride in that road.. so many bikes fell down also…


We reached resort and had nice hot coffee… also registered our names and took our T shirts..

Lakshimikanth’s sir did pitch report and selected one good location from our tents…

First we opened Rudresh’s rent which is Quechua 2XL tent… it was new one and we had no issues while pitching tent…

Then we struggled a lot putting Amar’s tent, Thomas also helped us on this…its bit old style and had only one layer. Which is bad for rainy season

After that there was some talk going on from Manigandan Manunathan who had Guinness record holder for ‘Longest Journey by Motorcycle in Single Country’


Then we prepared booz and Smoke and had nice time talking with all

They started DJ and camp fire.. and myself and Amar danced like hell… enjoyed a lot..

We had nice Coorg style dinner and spent some more time with all bikers.


We slept around 11 PM and I started snoring and disturbing others..


Morning there was some off roaddding ride, there was 2 levels Advance and Intermediate … Myself and Amar registered for Intermediate one..

We woke up by 6:30 AM and got freshen …


Lakshimikanth and his friend had to leave early as they had some work. So they left early..

Myself and Amar got ready for ride and we went for Intermediate one…it was nice ride but I felt it was short ride.. we could have rode for some more..

Advance level photo…


After that Break fast was prepared… we had nice poori and chicken Curry J

We were waiting for some other bikers who is coming to Mysore..as we had so many luggage and our friends left early…

Rajesh was very kind and put many of our luggage in his bike and his friend bike… and we all set to leave Resort…



We Reached Hunsur around 2 PM and had nice lunch in Halli mane…

We reached showroom round 4 PM and said good bye to everyone….

It was short but nice trip overall

Small write ups About my Travel experiences and photography